Craft Cocktail Series - coated cocktail shaker set


This is a vinyl coated 28 oz cocktail shaker that fits perfectly into the 16 oz shaker (or pint glass or a mixing glass) to create a Boston style shaker kit. It is a must have for any professional bartender. The vinyl coating will help with grip and keeping those hands warm during long shifts. The proprietary coating also helps to limit the dilution of the ice into the cocktail or mixer to maintain the integrity of the beverage. These things are LUXURY in your hand during a long shift. They do not have the straight angle wall like most other vinyl coated shakers have, they taper with your palm for a great feel, which makes it the go to shaker for most bars. 

Vinyl Coated – Insulated to maintain the integrity of the cocktail, martini, or shooter.

Increased Grip – Less drops and fumbles.

Ergonomic Arched Wall Design – Feels better than cheap shakers in your hand, and is easier to use.

Well Balanced – It will be your go to shaker for professional or day to day home use. 

FDA approved Spun Stainless Steel – Food grade shaker approved for use in commercial restaurants. 

Insulation – Keeps hands warm while shaking or stirring cocktails. 

At the end of the day this is the Premier Boston Shaker Kit on the market. Having a Bar Ninja shaker on your bar shows customers that you care about your craft and are committed to making great cocktails. 

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