Bar Ninja MXD Professional Series Bar Kit


Our first MXD Professional series kit comes with: 

A professional wine opener with a blade for zesting or hunting Bar Samurais 

A ninja speed bottle cap killing opener

A muddler for standard professional drink building situations or personal defense 

Three speed pourers to pop into your favorite spirit for optimal liquor flow and that professional control, look and feel that every Bar Ninja situation needs. 

This kits ninja drink building station begins with a 28oz powder coated tin that will pair up with the 16oz stainless steel cheater tin or the 16oz Bar Ninja pint glass to give multiple volume options for any cocktail build. All of the gear is wrapped in our new Bar Ninja towel that is ready to be laid out as the ninja station for any Bar Ninja cocktail build in any environment.

One more thing...We have also added to all kits the head turning Bottle Ninja! The true and original Ninja Bottle opener! This butterfly knife style opener with its hinged handles and glow sticks that insert into said handles is the most unique opener in the ninjaverse.


Type: Bar Kits