Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly opener


The Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly opener is one of the best unique gifts for men this year. Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly bottle opener is the world famous butterfly "balisong style" bottle opener. This is a novelty bottle opener that gets people talking. It is the single most ordered item on our site. There are thousands of tricks that can be done with the Bottle Ninja. It is also a great gift for any bartender you know. They are addictive to play with and our instructional video will show you the basic operation. Just click the video tab above. 

The Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly opener handles are constructed of injection molded aluminum for better action and balanced weight vs steel balisong openers. 

On sale for a limited time.

The Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly opener claw is made from 303 FDA approved stainless steel. Lots of cheaper openers are not which compromises food safety. 

The opener works like a "butterfly knife" or "Balisong knife" see our video if you are unsure of how it works. 

For regular, static, use the Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly opener handle has a locking mechanism. 

Recesses in both handles fit our mini glow sticks.  


Customers are saying:

"The Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly opener is the Most fun I have ever had opening a beer"

"Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly opener is a great conversation starter"

"Great product for bartenders"

"I buy them 10 at a time just to have cool gifts on hand whenever I need one" 

Weight: 8 oz.
Dimensions: 2in. × 4in. × 2in.


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