Bar Closing Checklist

One of the most important parts of working behind the wood is closing the bar. Closing the bar correctly sets the next shift for success. Let's face it - we've all come into the morning shift and found that we were left with no beer and 4 blown kegs. This is not the way most bartenders want to start their day.

As the bar manager, it's your responsibility to set high expectations on closing the bar each night. One of the best ways to do this is to have a closing bar checklist. This will ensure there all important elements are covered and that all employees will be held accountable for their shift. Having a standard checklist will allow your staff (employees and managers) to work on the same page; it makes things easy because all is spelled out for them. As the bar manager, it is also important to "check out" each shift, auditing that all tasks have been completed properly.


Nightly Closing Checklist. 

____Wipe taps all surfaces thoroughly
____Wipe all surfaces above and below between you and the bar (rail's,well’s,
____refrigeration doors and door seals)
____Soak guns
____Clean straw and fruit caddy's
____Stock straw's, cocktail straw's, toothpick's and napkin's Wash bar mats
____Stock and rotate beer and wine
____Stock staples, tape and register paper along with credit card paper
____Flush draft beer drains
____Soak or clean draft grates
____Clean floor drains
____Flush any frozen drink machines and wipe thoroughly
____Make sure all fruit and juices are in sealed containers
____Check expiration dates on all product (milk, half and half, juic es etc)
____Clean tv's
____Clean coffee machine and pots thoroughly
____Wipe bar thoroughly
____Wipe bar stools thoroughly

____Mop Floors & Keg Cooler if applicable Remove trash and debris

____Take out recycling
____Write in daily log book

____Complete daily deep clean task (see daily deep clean list) Clean sinks / dishwasher