Our Story 

Bar Ninja was founded in 2003 by Michael Garrison and Bill Thornton while working together behind the bar. We started with the Bottle Ninja flair butterfly balisong bottle opener and quickly extended the line to a full barware collection. Today we are known as the "Only" brand of barware in the business. In 2020 we added Kayla Logue to the company for Marketing/Media/Film/Podcasting.

Professional and home bartenders all over the world stock their bars with BarNinja Barware and Metalworks. We're glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy our products and helpful tips in our blog. If you have any feedback for us send us a line at bill@barninja.com.


Bar Ninja is currently teaming up with other industry partners to create a community website with continuing ecducation for bartenders and servers. If you want to be the first in the know, sign up for our newsletter.